November 8, 2023

Eugene Dental Sleep Center


6:00pm — 8:00pm

Bethany Casler — Unrefined Wellness Bar

Unlocking Greater Human Performance Through Nutrition


Bethany Casler, founder of Unrefined Wellness Bar, discusses the concept of food as medicine and the power of nutrition to increase cognitive function and drive while reducing brain fog. The discussion will touch upon the magic of herbs and adaptogens and address the US food system and its impact on health and human behavior. The link between diabetes and cognitive health decline will also be presented in this roundtable discussion. Participation is encouraged, and samples will be provided by Unrefined Wellness Bar.

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About Bethany Casler — Unrefined Wellness Bar

Now the founder of health and wellness hub Unrefined Wellness Bar, Bethany is a former event planner and nighttime enthusiast with a less-than-healthy lifestyle who found nutrition and movement and traded in the un-well fast lane for a mission-filled life. Holding an Advertising and Public Relations degree from New York Institute of Technology and certified as a Nutritional Health Coach from New York's Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she melded a love of social gatherings with a quest to enhance the way people feed their bodies and move through life. The birth of the Unrefined brand came to existence to nourish bodies and provide a gathering space for people to pause and enjoy the vibrancy of life. Learn more about Unrefined Wellness Bar at and follow on Instagram


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Special Note

We are on the east side of the Inkwell building. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor.

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