April 12, 2023

Eugene Dental Sleep Center


6:00pm — 8:00pm

Ariel Yabek, LMFT of Akindred Healing, LLC

Mindfulness from a Relational Model of Care: Education & Practices to Promote Connection and Wellness

Ariel Yabek, LMFT of Akindred Healing, LLC

Ariel Yabek, LMFT is honored and humbled to offer education, skills and practices to support nervous system regulation, connection and wellness. This discussion will contextualize mindfulness and self-care within a cultural framework and analyze how a mindfulness practice can deepen a sense of connection to self, others and the environment & fortify relationships. There will also be a session to teach mindfulness breath practice & five senses mindfulness practice. There will be a mindfulness kit and gift for each attendee.

About Ariel Yabek, LMFT of Akindred Healing, LLC

Ariel Yabek is a licensed psychotherapist with 20 years of experience in the mental health field and a lifetime of experience intimately engaged in her own healing journey. Ariel has a private practice in Eugene, OR and specializes in trauma healing from a Relational model of care. Ariel is passionate about skills and practices that promote a sense of personal agency, relational connection, and nervous system health. In addition to ongoing formal training, Ariel's work is informed by embodied practices of mindfulness, cultural attunement, and brave relating.

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Registration for this event is free, but limited. RSVP is closed.

Special Note

Mindfulness "kit” will be gifted to each attendee for their participation

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